A spiritual guide to honour and support Y O U.

“Gumboots by the Sea” is a place of love and healing, a place for me to help people connect to their own self-power and to trust in the powers of spirit to do so.


Why? Because, I knew it was time for me to stop limiting my own dreams and start living out my true desires.


How? I have a gift, as a spiritual guide and channel and it's my soul's purpose to use it to help women rise and step into their own individual power.


I know you feel it too, that gentle hum encouraging you to trust in YOU, your soul and to acknowledge the support and love of spirit that is always available to you in any given moment.

You are so welcome here! Enjoy exploring my offerings, book in for an online healing and empowerment session, check out my courses, marvel at moon magic , devour my honest blogs or visit my shop to grab one of my recently published books or a handy journal...or simply follow along on my Instagram as I share all the joy of this magic life!


I’m here to help YOU shine and follow YOUR heart’s true desires.

I can't wait to connect with you soon!

Love Kate X